Rilevatori di polveri - Triboflow

Triboguard II (Model 4002) Dust Monitors continuously monitor the exhaust ducts of dust collectors in order to detect filter failures. Triboguard II Monitors sense dust levels in collector exhaust air and provide continuous analog (4-20 mA) outputs.

When used with the Triboguard II, the Pre-Vent™ Two-Level Alarm System provides both early warning and high level (reportable incident) alarms. Triboguard II Monitors are also
used in conjunction with the Tribotrac™ Leak Locator System which allows operators to automatically pinpoint dust collector leaks by row or compartment from a remote location.

Triboguard II Detectors use the original triboelectric technology, introduced by Auburn International nearly twenty-five years ago. Triboguard II measures triboelectricity (also referred to as frictional electrification), an electric charge transfer which results
when dust particles collide with the sensor probe. Triboguard II detects changes in the dust level of collector exhaust air and warns when a filter is failing before emissions become visible.

The continuous analog output allows the use of dataloggers or other devices to record emissions levels, pinpoint maintenance problems, or document Clean Air compliance. Unlike optical
devices that rely on clean, aligned lenses and indirect measurement of light transmission, Triboguard II is a virtually maintenance-free, direct method of bag leak detection. Thus, failures are detected promptly and reliably.

Triboguard II Monitors are available in an integral sensor configuration with a NEMA 4 enclosure or in a remote sensor configuration with a NEMA 4/7/9 electronics enclosure and NEMA 4X sensor enclosure. Triboguard II Monitors have a front glass window which allows process control and maintenance personnel to check dust collector performance at a glance without opening the enclosure.