Portata multifase - Multiphase flow BAMPFM 400 SERIES


The BAMPFM-400 Series Meters are designed to handle a wide range of flow rates and gas-to-liquid ratios in all flow patterns where the liquid phase is saturated with gas at the point of measurement.

The dynamic range of the gas and void fraction capacity is excellent thanks to difference in flow momentum of the gas and the liquid to divert most of the free gas in the stream into a secondary measurement loop. The gas in the bypass loop is metered and added to the oil, water and gas discharged. This arrangement can reduce the cost of measuring flow streams where gas is the dominant component of the flow. The extended dynamic range of gas meters makes them very suitable for multiphase well testing in wells with very high GOR or wells with moderate GOR that are tested at low pressure. Installation possible on Offshore Platform or Well  Testing in a Gas-Lift Operation; 99% GVF.

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